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does this count as an id by GraveboundSoul does this count as an id :icongraveboundsoul:GraveboundSoul 3 3 he by GraveboundSoul he :icongraveboundsoul:GraveboundSoul 7 8
COX SIDEQUEST - Fourth of July
Butch sat up slowly and turned his eyes to the alarm clock. It was 3 am. He groaned and rubbed his face. Why couldn't he just sleep? Why was he so nervous?
He slammed his hand back down on the mattress beside him, leaving his short black hair to plaster over one eye. His hair still hadn't dried from washing the gel out. Oh well.
He gazed over his shoulder at his sleeping partner. He was smiling in his sleep, comfy and cozy and perfectly fine. Lucky.
Butch swung his legs around to the side of the bed and threw off the covers and he exhaustedly began his journey to the bathroom.
A flick of the lightswitch sat the room on fire, at least, that's what it felt like to his tired eyes. When they adjusted, he absently stared at his arm. It had entirely popped out of the sleeve of his "90s hate child" teeshirt. How, he had no idea. The nightmare must have made him thrash violently in his sleep again. He didn't care enough to fix it.
He turned on the faucet and gathered some water in his hands. I
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so by GraveboundSoul so :icongraveboundsoul:GraveboundSoul 1 2 the wizard of wah by GraveboundSoul the wizard of wah :icongraveboundsoul:GraveboundSoul 13 4
Children of X - C16 - Your Money's Worth
He had never felt so disgusted in his life.
His stomach was churning as he glanced out the window to the peaceful, still trees. He envied them so much. Then bus the shifted back into gear and the trees slid back behind him.
Butch shifted awkwardly when the bus hit a bump. He used to love bouncing around on the seats, but today, he was too sick to his stomach to care. His ratty backpack sitting in his lap flew up every time the bus shook, and he had figured the poptarts he had packed as a snack were all broken by now. However, the poptarts weren't the only thing in it, as a video tape and papers were hastily stuffed inside as well.
Butch had called Boomer ahead of time and asked him to call Brick to get on the bus as well, but since Boomer's stop was on the same route as Butch's, he would be joining shortly. Boomer had even given him some change earlier so he could get around town on the city bus, and now it was coming in handy.
The bus passed by the Utonium household and Butch turned a
:icongraveboundsoul:GraveboundSoul 6 5
drip by GraveboundSoul drip :icongraveboundsoul:GraveboundSoul 10 5 stitches by GraveboundSoul stitches :icongraveboundsoul:GraveboundSoul 13 3 new id by GraveboundSoul new id :icongraveboundsoul:GraveboundSoul 10 15 miserable and stunning by GraveboundSoul miserable and stunning :icongraveboundsoul:GraveboundSoul 8 4 soul punk by GraveboundSoul soul punk :icongraveboundsoul:GraveboundSoul 6 5
Children of X - C15 - The SYRA
The first result to come up was a Wikipedia link. Mitch placed his hand on the back of the chair heavily and waited.
"Click that one." He pointed.
"I know."
"Read aloud. I wanna see the shock." Butch glanced at him and then shifted his eyes back to the screen.
"The Superhuman Youth Rehabilitation Act is a piece of legendary yet lesser-known legis... legis..."
"Shut up. Legislature that was put in place to prevent a trio of criminals from terrorizing the city and into favorable environments. It was put in place on September 21st, 1999 in Townsville, North Carolina. What the fuck does this have to do with me?"
"Keep reading."
Butch gave a few rolls of the scroll wheel. "The act was formed when three superhumans, similar to the city's protection team, were created. The damage they caused was too great, and the act was proposed and passed. It separated the trio known as "The Rowdyruff Boys" and placed them into different homes. They were also given medication to block
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burn ward by GraveboundSoul burn ward :icongraveboundsoul:GraveboundSoul 5 0
Children of X - C14 - Double Andrew Jacksons
"Come on man, just take the damn money."
"No, Brick, I said shut the fuck up. Mitch isn't going to tell me jack shit, and you know it. Keep your money."
Brick rolled his eyes and groaned dramatically. "Butch, for the love of christ-"
"Where did you even get that? You're always going on about how you don't have fucking anything, use it to get yourself something."
"Look, a guy owed me a favor, alright?"
"Why do you even fucking care?"
"Butch, please just take the money," Boomer sighed. "He's not going to shut up about it until you do."
Butch turned to the blonde and threw his hands up at Brick. "There's no need to! Just make him keep his damn money. He doesn't even give a fuck."
"You think I don't? Why the fuck would I be offering you $40 to pay your piece of shit brother to tell you about your fucking family?"
"I shouldn't have ever mentioned it." Butch threw himself back into his chair and sulked.
"Dude, he's not going to let up. What do you have to lose?"
"$40 and my dignity. Mitch is
:icongraveboundsoul:GraveboundSoul 2 3
when the sun goes down
A streak of teal exploded into the sky and ended its life on the cold, hard rooftop of a skyscraper. Two young men walked along the surface, one leading the other blindfolded.
"Alright, open 'em!" One of them said, a wide grin spreading onto his face. His companion followed orders, only to notice a blindfold blocking his vision.
"Uhm, Butch?" He flailed his arms.
"Oh, shit. Um. I forgot about that." Butch ripped the blindfold off, nearly taking a section of the other's blonde hair with him. "Now, open."
He opened his eyes and looked around him.
The sun was setting and it was painting the sky with its most vivid and detailed brush. Deep oranges, reds, and yellows artfully crafted into an incredible sight. The cool autumn air carried the sun's dying glow and a million baby stars  to all the citizens of Townsville.
"It's... so cool," He gushed, his blue eyes widened in awe.
"Yeah..." Butch smiled at him. "This is my favorite place to be." He walked up and plopped himself down onto th
:icongraveboundsoul:GraveboundSoul 6 5
Children of X - C13 - The Morning After
Butch rolled over in his bed to taste the morning. The blanket was thrown onto the floor, and he was shivering even through the heat. He was still wrapped up in Boomer's hoodie, but his pants had somehow made it to the other side of the room, leaving him in his boxer briefs. He looked over the hoodie itself, which was a dark cerulean. The color blue put him at ease so much lately.
He sat up and rubbed his face. He could feel his hair twist and matt on his head - he had fallen asleep with hair gel in again.
After a bathroom break, Butch dunked his jet black hair under the faucet. The cool water ran over his head, down his face, and splashed softly into the sink below. He stood up straight to see himself in the mirror only to find Mitch had snuck in and was standing right by him.
"Morning." He said, a hint of irritation in his voice.
"Mornin'," Butch groaned.
"So, hate to tell you this now."
"Then don't, and fuck off." He splashed water on his face.
"Really? You don't want to know about
:icongraveboundsoul:GraveboundSoul 3 2



Jay Odin
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
hey sup
im a queer dude that loves rrb

word of warning: i do have a stuffing fetish and overall some sort of fascination with stomachs, i keep this shit restrained to journals or whatever and put warnings in the title or beginning so you can avoid them if you don't want to see my weird shit

read my rrb fanfic, "Children of X", here
"i know ive been spacy and absent" entry number #894
i'm pretty sure it's meaningless at this point
i actually just had surgery, so
ive been bitten by the bug so im gunna try and make some shit
also shoutout to crystalqueers for the confidence boost


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